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Thread: ...Car biography?

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    ...Car biography?

    ...Figured this would be a bit fun (though strenuous for some :lol...

    List a bit about every car you've owned 8) Me, starting with the beginning... Though I haven't owned that many cars to begin with over my lifespan, I have a decent spread...

    1.)98 V6 Camaro: At least it had a five speed! It was also nice, because as a 16 year old I kept my foot planted, and the V6 allowed me to do this while remaining fully within the confines of the law :lol: It was dark metallic green, and shuddered like a truck over uneven pavement. Still, it was a practical (for me)/stylish (I always liked the 4th gen shape, even if they're whales) enough car that I occasionally wish I still had it, just so I'd have a car that I didn't have to care about; for that, not such a bad choice, though not the ideal.

    Sold to finance the Lotus...

    2.)55 Chevy: mild 70s 350, 4 spd. Semi-inherited from my father when he got sick of driving cars without power accessories, AC etc... Been in the family for ages. It is what it is, it's among the most reliable cars I've owned, and I can lock a couple shortboards in the back and look the part at the beach

    3.)86 Lotus turbo Esprit: Unique, WONDERFUL steering (with no weight over the front wheels), but everything stereotypical about race-bred, 80s turbo 4cyls applies... No practical torque, plenty of lag etc. Very unique, with all of the positives and negatives associated... In the end, not quite worth keeping up with the maintenance bills, though I'm glad I got to experience such a car (as a daily driver even)

    Still have it but feel divorced from it, every once in a while try to sell it for good, but waiting on the econ... :?

    4.)80 Triumph TR7: ...It's an 80s Triumph. Thusly, it has not been on the road often enough to give a solid impression. 80hp ohv 4 cyl, solid rear axle... Plaid interior. Currently in cryostasis.

    5.)02 Chevy Blazer: ...What do you drive to work the other 70% of the time, when you own an 80 Triumph TR7 and a Lotus Esprit (implied in the shop)? Horrible, horrible, creaky, plastic, numb steering, gas guzzling... I took my driver's test in a 96 Blazer that was worlds apart from this one.

    Gave it to a cousin to whom I think it was a blight as well... But I think it got cash/clunkered for four times what it was worth, to finance a brand new Kia. Still, the memories in that car.

    6.)75 280Z: I've written enough about it; I love it, best all-around car I've ever experienced.

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    Hey good idea! I had thought about writing a list of cars I’ve owned for awhile now. I've also thought of writing a list of ex-girlfriends...we'll save that for another day. :P

    In no particular order:

    70 Pontiac Lemans Convert (first car, rusty pile)
    68 Pontiac Lemans
    69 Pontiac Lemans Convert
    73 Pontiac Lemans 400
    8? Renault LeCar ($50. fun 'till the brakes went)
    81 Fiat 124 Spider Turbo (factory turbo)
    71 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe
    74 Fiat 124 Spider
    69 Fiat 124 (flat hood)
    85 Alfa GTV-6
    86 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate
    74 BMW 2002
    80 BMW 320IS
    81 BMW 320IS Turbo (Century turbo kit, Dog leg 5spd, 390 rear)
    85 BMW 325E
    86 BMW 325E
    84 BMW 323I German Import (fun. tin worm got it )
    89 BMW 325I (bought for the motor)
    94 BMW 325I Sedan 5spd
    94 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0
    88 Jeep Grand Cherokee 360
    88 Jeep Cherokee
    89 Jeep Cherokee
    84 Ford E-150 Van (race bike hauler)
    66(?) Sunbeam (Like a Hillman)
    78 Chevrolet Malibu (broke the frame...)
    79 Chevrolet Malibu (bought for the engine)
    73 Olds Cutlass (last of the good Rocket 350's)
    86 Ford EXP (in a buddy’s field the last I checked)
    83 Toyota Celica
    74 International Harvester Scout (345 V8. Rust got the body, junked it, and the engine was sold to a church for their bus :lol: )
    88(?) Subaru XT6
    90 Mitsubishi Eclipse (WTF is that noise??)

    03 Volvo V70 (hate it)
    98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited (Converted to a 242 transfer case, big smoky burnouts!)
    83 Nissan Skyline DR30 (No I am not the mail man, the car came this way!)
    08 Ford F-150 Super Crew

    I'm sure I forgot a few. :tu:

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    In order:

    '91 Nissan 240SX Coupe.....KA24DE. Got it for $550 and alls it needed was a clutch. Drove it for a while and got rid of it. Frame rails were rotted out, had body/door damage.

    '91 Volkswagen Jetta GLi.....I loved this car so much. It came with BBS mesh wheels stock, Recaro seats stock from the factory. 16v 2.0L, 5spd. I did quite abit of work to it. Replaced everything and then added some H&R Cup kit to it. 2" drop in the front and 1.7" in the rear, with a 2.25" exhaust with DTM muffler. Got sideswiped by a drunk driver and the insurance co. totaled the car :cry: out....

    '06 Nissan Sentra 1.8S.....Was a dependable daily driver. Did some basic bolt ons to it. Autocrossed it and drove it all over the place.

    '87 Chrysler first project car. NSRZ32 found it on craigslist down in Columbus, so I drove down there and wanted to have it. Trailered it back cause it needed a clutch. Loved it. My first turbo car, I was hooked since then with the turbo bug. Car came pretty well equipped: 14b turbo, wiseco pistons, hks turbo timer, gauges, 3" downpipe.... Ended up putting a ACT 4puck clutch in it with a heavy duty pressure plate. Had some driveability issues with it so I sold it to my brother.

    '71 Datsun 240z....After a mis-attempt at picking up a 320 pu, NSRZ32's brother came across this in the paper. Guy wanted 1500 for it. Checked it out at night, in the middle of the ghetto at a impound was I crazy to buy it. I fell in love though soon as I saw it. Had to have it. Told him I'd give him 1400 for it and he said cool. Done some maint to it but other then that just been enjoying it. Will be going under the knife for a L28ET swap w/ 5spd this winter.

    Pic of the night we looked at it....

    and what it looks like today....

    '99 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT......Turbo diesel. I traded my Sentra in on this after wanting a truck since I was younger. Came with aftermarket wheels and tires, visor, tonneau cover, and a programmer. Now it's my daily driver. Running 24lbs of boost, has a 4" turbo back exhaust...etc. Just done some maint on it...batteries, alternator, ICP sensor, rear brakes....I love it

    So now I only own the s30 and the truck. Enough to keep me occupied. :mrgreen:

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    hmmm lets see

    81 Dodge Aries 2dr custom 2.6"hemi"
    70 VW Bug
    69 VW Bug
    87 Toyota Camry
    91 Subaru Loyale Wagon 2wd
    78 Subaru FE Coupe
    86 Subaru GL wagon 4wd
    87 Subaru GL-10 Turbowagon 4wd (parts car)
    79 Ford F-100 P-Up 2wd w/ 300 ci I-6
    91 GMC S-15 Jimmy 4wd w/4.3 V-6
    78 Dodge D-100 P-Up 2wd w/ 225ci Slant 6
    78 Subaru BRAT
    76 Subaru 4wd wagon (still have it )
    00 Subaru Forester
    86 VW Vanagon
    04 Subaru Impreza OBS
    94 Dodge Spirit
    90 VW Vanagon
    83 Subaru GL wagon 4wd
    83 Subaru GL wagon 4wd (parts car)
    06 Subaru Forester (still have it)
    02 Subaru Impreza 2.5TS (still have it)
    98 Subaru Impreza L 2.2L (parts car for 76)

    as you can see there is a very consistent amount of Subarai in my life lol

    and someone mentioned a LeCar, I almost got one for 50 bucks also and man I wish I could get one but would have to have the Ragtop sunroof option considering I am 6'4" tall and without the ragtop I wouldn't be able to get in comfortably lol

    or maybe the Turbo 5

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    Not sure I can name them all... :P

    From beginning to end, in the order I owned them (what I can remember):

    1979 Datsun 210 2dr sedan
    1977 Ford Thunderbid
    1957 Chevy BelAir
    1981 Datsun 210 wagon
    1971 Datsun 510 2dr
    1962 Chevy Nova
    1969 Datsun 510 4dr
    1970 Chevy Chevelle SS
    1972 Datsun 510 2dr
    1981 Toyota Corolla 2dr sport coupe
    1974 Datsun 610 2dr
    1970 Datsun 510 2dr
    1981 Datsun 210 2dr hatchback
    1971 Datsun 1200 Coupe
    1974 Toyota Corolla 2dr
    1975 Datsun 710 4dr
    1970 Datsun 510 2dr
    1971 Datsun 510 4dr
    1964 Chevy Impala
    1974 Datsun 610 2dr
    1971 Datsun 1200 Coupe
    1986 Toyota Cressida
    1984 Datsun Maxima wagon
    1971 Datsun 510 2dr
    1970 Datsun 510 2dr
    1972 Datsun 510 4dr
    1971 Toyota Crown
    1978 Datsun 510 2dr hatchback
    1973 Datsun 1200 Coupe
    1981 Datsun 510 wagon
    1983 Toyota Corolla 4dr
    1973 Datsun Sunny Coupe
    1971 Datsun Bluebird Coupe
    1971 Datsun 510 4dr

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    1. 1986 Honda Civic 3dr. Strangely considering it was my first car, I have no pics of it! But it had the now-common starter mods of a custom exhaust, koni shocks and el-cheapo 13in alloy wheels.

    2. '63 Bug. Cal-look style, but with flares 930-style fenders (even had teh 930 stoneguard decal on the front of each rear guard). 1640cc overbore, twin Solex carbs, 009 Bosch ignition, 1.25 ratio rockers. Entered my first hillclimb in it, came second last. Behind a girl. Sold it not long after.

    3. 1989 AE92 Corolla SX. Aussie 4AGE twin cam sports model, got into motorsport a lot more seriously with this car, was muuuuuuuuch faster than the Bug! Kept it pretty stock.

    4. 1986 AE86 Corolla Sprinter. Aussie model, upgraded with the JDM powertrain and all kinds of neat stuff. Was a great drifter and track car, but I was bit too much of an early adopter, I sold it in the mid 90s, before Initial D and Takumi Tax was invented.

    5. 1981 DR30 Skyline RS Turbo. Great car, when it worked. It started life as a NA coupe, but I used a turbo sedan donor car and made it the best of both worlds. Turbine-kitted T3, HKS exhaust, Koni coilovers, Nismo LSD....popped the engine (long story), rebuilt it in my parents' garage, was meant to take my motorsport to a new level after the AE86 but there was something wrong with it most of the time. Sold it after only doing 2 events in 18mths (as opposed to 18 events in 2mths...which was more normal for me).

    6. 1994 Toyota Soarer GT. 4.0L V8 model, lowered on Bilsteins and AVS wheels, loud custom exhaust and intake. Strangely, while I loved this car...don't have any pics of it either!

    7. 2000 DC2R Integra Type R. So fast on a track, and my first brand new didn't track it much given that I was too scared to scratch it Kept it stock.

    8. 1994 MX5 Clubman. The Clubman is an Aussie derivative, which means no power steering, Bilsteins and torsen LSD. Loved this car, kept it for 6yrs and modified the hell out of it with JDM parts (back then I was in Japan maybe 3 times a year). Tracked it straight away, then drifted it...then rebuilt it when it was almost totally worn out and abused and retired it from motorsport.

    9. 1986 HC3S Luce Rotary Turbo Royal Classic. Not sure why I bought this...saw it in a junkyard and got it for virtually nothing, then had to rebuild pretty much every part of it. Was my daily drive for 3yrs, 13B turbo, Mazdaspeed LSD, coilovers all having a culture clash with the digital instruments, powered velour seats and in-car drinks fridge. Pretty rare, only a few hundred made in full limo-excess specification.

    10. This car you probably already know about

    11. 2005 "Toyota" GS430 Toyota make goooood cars. My daily.
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    My list is pretty short. I buy for keeps usually.

    G-body Buick Regal
    '76 International Harvester Scout II (hand-me-down from parents, but died before I even had a chance drive it. Shoulda swapped a Nissan diesel!)
    W123 Benz turbo diesel
    CB7 Honda Accord (x3, can't remember the years, absolutely fantastic car, MT was flawless)
    Lexus SC300 5MT
    S13 convertible
    '85 AE86 hatch
    '87 AE86 coupe
    '86 AE86 hatch
    another '86 AE86 hatch (this one I ended up keeping)
    '71 Toyota Crown
    Mazda RX-4
    '80 Toyota Celica Supra
    '86 Cressida Wagon
    a couple of Japanese motorcycles

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    Aw hell. Cars in bold I still own.

    1984 Toyota Corolla DX
    1982 Ford Laser GL
    1983 Mazda Familia XG-R SOHC turbo
    1985 Ford Laser TX3 4WD DOHC turbo
    1986 Ford Laser TX3 DOHC turbo
    1986 Mazda Familia GT DOHC turbo
    1983 Nissan Skyline RS-X turbo HT
    1985 Ford Laser Ghia
    1992 Mazda Familia Interplay
    1983 Nissan Skyline RS-X turbo
    1985 Ford Laser TX3 SOHC turbo*
    1984 Toyota MR2 G-Limited
    1986 Mazda Familia Cabriolet turbo
    1987 Toyota MR2 G-Limited
    1986 Toyota MR2 G-Limited
    1985 Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT rotary turbo
    1987 Toyota MR2 G-Limited super charger

    *sold to my brother, so I still see it from time to time.

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    1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 2-door 305ci
    1971 Buick Skylark 350ci
    1990 Volkswagon scirocco gti/16v
    1990 Plymouth laser turbo(eclipse)
    1989 Camaro Iroc-Z convertable
    1989 Mustang 5.0 GT
    1990 Mustang 5.0 LX
    1971 Chevy C10 pickup
    1966 Cadillac Calais
    1988 Subaru Loyale wagon
    1984 Merkur XR4TI
    1988 Thunderbird turbocoupe
    1989 Merkur XR4TI
    1988 Merkur XR4TI
    1993 Mazda miata
    1986 Mercedes 190 (5-speed)
    1999 Mazda Miata
    1984 Volvo 244 turbo
    1980 Honda cb750
    1983 Volvo 242
    1977 Kawasaki 750twin
    1980 Honda CB750c
    1985 Mercedes 500sel
    1988 Volvo 740 turbo
    1992 Isuzu Trooper
    1977 Toyota Corona
    Pics in no real order...Damn,this was a tough,but cool post.

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    1996 was the year for my first car...
    it was a 1961 Volkswagen beetle
    bought for $650 sold for $850 after an engine rebuild...
    and bought a..
    1980 Toyota Corona 4door sedan
    bought it for $1600 had a big head on collision..fix it and then sold it for $ cost me about $100...

    next was a 1976 Toyota Corolla 4door sedan
    drive this one all thorugh my mid year on college...
    sold it and was car-less untill 2007...

    bought a 1995 mazda323 lantis..for $4500
    sold it in 2008 for paying the wedding bills....:lol:

    late 2008 bought me a 1975 mazda808 for $500...
    paint it up and sold it for $1000...but repairs n paint job cost me $800
    so i lost about $300 on the 808..

    after that got me the 1983 mitsu lancer SL for $1600...
    sold for a 1985 civic hatch..
    sold the civic n bought me a 1985 suzuki swift...
    i luv it..

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