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Thread: Outdoor car storage

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    Outdoor car storage


    I am contemplating purchasing a nice old japanese car in the not too distant future, however I do not have sufficient space to store it at my home.

    I have a limited budget for storage expenses, I have found a secure, outdoor storage facility that is very affordable, however the surface is not paved, it is a mix of dirt and gravel. I know that outdoor car storage is not ideal, but would there be any additional problems that would arise from the surface being a dirt/gravel mix? I would cover the car to try to keep it dry and to protect from hailstorms. Where I live, we don't get snow, but in the winter months, it does rain often, and summers can get quite warm. Also, from time to time, we have strong winds.

    Are there steps I can take to making sure the car would not deteriorate in outdoor storage, or is my only option to shell out the extra money for an undercover storage place?

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    Re: Outdoor car storage

    you can get smaller ones of these ... _image.jpg . i wouldn't suggest putting a car cover it for a long period either.

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