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Thread: Ke70 owner checking in!

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    Ke70 owner checking in!

    Hey guys names aleks, im 19 from Sydney Australia I own a 1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 which I bought for fairly cheap ($400). Im a photographer and run my own blog, links below. ... 7268255407

    Some of might know me off JDMSTYLETUNING.COM. Ive been into cars all my life but never had the funds to buy something, so my first car was a 93 Holden Calais which I got for my 16th birthday but unfortunatly got burned when a stolen car was burnt next to it. I didnt get any insurance money back and needed a car asap so in the interest of my family and our work we bought another holden. Both of these cars are awesome cars. One day on my way to class I received a phone call from a person saying I left a note on his corolla and he wanted to sell it. I taged this ke70 a while ago and it wasnt in the best condition, rust all over a busted window, the timing was fucked, clutch cable was fuuarked too but for $400 I couldn't resist so the next day I took ownership. ... 3935_n.jpg

    First thing I did the next day was clean her up she was FILTHY. The car itself ran pretty good motor felt healthy even with 240000km on it. The car stayed pretty standard for a while, I then bought some dragways for cheap and also had the rear lowered but we didnt have time for the front. ... 7540_n.jpg

    One night going to meet up with some mates for a bit of street dancing going into second my cable finally snapped. Lucky I wasnt far from home I turned it on and drove it home in 1st gear, the car stayed in my garage for about 4 weeks as I couldnt find a clutch cable finally I did, took the car to my mechanics and he changed it, did the timing, changed some hoses basically fixed up the little things top bloke!

    This is how the car sits today ... 4db3_b.jpg
    (ignore the blue/green stockies)

    Plans for the car, well me and my good friend will be repairing the rust then give it a respray, slowly Ill find what I need for a 4AGE swap, for now tho just enjoy it I love this car!

    Thanks for viewing.


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    Re: Ke70 owner checking in!

    :tu: nice ride bro!!!! more pics!

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    Re: Ke70 owner checking in!

    cheers dude, soon, just re-doing my engine tidying it up a bit!

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