Hello all. ContraX in Tampa, Fl. All the cars I have owned at one time or another have been Jap classic cars. My last one was a AE86. Sad enough this lady went through a stop sign and completely demolished the car. After she got out she started yelling at me stating " I hope you have money....cause I am haaungry for money!" I snapped telling her it was her fault since she ran the stop sign. She did a triple take with eyes bulging out in surprise and realized it was indeed her fault. Afterwards I told her " lady....I hope you have insurance, cause my car is hungry for insurance". I know, tragic. Don't even get me started about the insurance ordeal and the scams they try to pay you less.

At any rate. I am glad to be here. I will be soon looking for a KP61 or a A86 GTS. Once the finances stabilize a bit.

See you all around.