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Thread: KA24de Header

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    KA24de Header

    My wife's 280Z has an S14 KA24de. I'm starting to install all new exhaust. Anyone recommend a good KA header? I want a long set (one with the downpipe).

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    Re: KA24de Header

    my little brother has been eyeing some megan headers on ebay, i usually dont push megan products, but i had an N1 style cat back and it was awesome (for my KA-T build in a Kouki S14) it lasted way longer than my APexi N1 that i had on my Zenki S14, so i think some of their products are good.
    not sure if it had the down pipe on it, but i know that you can just add a down pipe to a stock KA exhaust mani, so maybe you will just have to buy a normal on, then add the down pipe?

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