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Thread: 74 Hilux Disk Conversion

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    74 Hilux Disk Conversion

    Ive got a 74 Hilux Im in the process of doing a motor swap in. Its got drums all around, so while Im at it, Id like to switch to disks at least in the front.
    Anyone have any suggestions on what other toyota models would swap over fairly easily? Any tips on install?
    Hopefully something I can pull at a junk yard or something.

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    Easiest option would be to find an RN40 or 41 Hilux with disc brakes. You just unbolt the whole stub axle and bolt it all up to your Hilux. You must make sure that you get the one with the upper and lower ball joints both pointing in a downward direction like on your early model Hilux. Get under the car and take a look - you'll see what I mean.

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    gianttomato I think you forgot to mention that the lower control arm may need a gentle grind to accomodate the disk brake stub axle's larger lower balljoint, funny cause you taught me that. Have a read here teenage; the rn16 has the same setup as the rn20s so it should be the same deal. once you get that stub axle all bolted up look into fj60 landcruiser 4 piston calipers as they bolt up to that stub axle and you can then run a peugeot 604 vented rotor once machined

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