1972 Honda XL250 "Enduro", as you can see it's had some work done to it to achieve a more "military" theme. :mrgreen:

Runs great, usually starts on first kick, engine runs smooth and very strong, shifts smooth.

Good: Tires are fairly new (Metzler Enduro), new tail light (cat face lens), fairly new "bobber" seat, new horn and horn button, new grips, new bar end mirrors. lots of fun to ride. Has plenty of spunk for a 250cc bike (only weighs around 240 pounds). Will do about 65 with me on it, should do 70+ with a lighter weight rider. And obviously, with the suspension travel and tires it will go just about anywhere. 8)

Bad: Still working on getting as title for it, may or may not be able to get it in time for sale. Lost title (aka lien/bonded title) paperwork is pretty straightforward here in Texas, so it shouldn't take much. Just haven't had the time to get it done myself.

Email me if interested: john@japanesenostalgiccar.com

Bar end mirrors and cat face light obviously added after those pics. Will get some fresh ones up ASAP.