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Thread: Porsche To Make BR-Z & 86 Version Too?

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    Porsche To Make BR-Z & 86 Version Too?

    Color me silly, but either someone at Porsche has been stalking Tokyo streets, or someone at Automedia got lazy with Photoshop and just added Panamera lamps to the 86.

    Supposedly their new 'small' car. Neko.

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    Re: Porsche To Make BR-Z & 86 Version Too?

    Seems a little tamed for the BRZ. Maybe a mix of the Suby/Scion/Toyota and the Hyundai veloster.

    Not liking it though.

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    Re: Porsche To Make BR-Z & 86 Version Too?

    uuuuggggghhhhhhhhhh :|

    :tu: ??

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