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Thread: New steering wheel horn issue

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    New steering wheel horn issue

    I pulled my old steering wheel and attempted to replace it with a GT/Fire Arrow wheel. I'm having trouble,however, with the horn blaring constantly when I turn the key. Obviously the wiring is wrong. I'm unsure how the two push button wiring will work with the one center horn on the new wheel. There is no obvious place to use any of the old wiring, but the horn blares if I just stick on the new wheel. I'm obviously a newbie and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Disconnect the battery, then install the wheel, then reconnect the battery.

    If the horn is still blaring when you reconnect the battery, I'll write some more.

    The inside of the GT/Fire Arrow steering wheel should look like this except with a whole wire running from the plate, through the hole, and to the base of the steering wheel. NOTE, that if you mess with the other three screws (like I did when I put my steering wheel on) you run the risk of having the screw touch the plate, grounding it, and causing the horn to blare. In which case, you have the option of removing the screw entirely and replacing it with a plastic one (unfortunately for me, my screw cored out and I cannot remove it), or you can snip the wire and cover the ends with electrician's tape.

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    Most probably your horn relay is stuck or is grounded, so as soon as you turn your key, it powers up your horn and your horn blows. Check your horn relay and switches and other Mitsubishi parts in the steering column, another alternative is ask your mechanic if you can use an auxiliary horn button.

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