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Thread: Vinyl car wraps

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    Vinyl car wraps


    Anyone had experience with using vinyl car wraps? I've got an Datsun 810 with nasty hail dents that I'd like to cover. A good repaint job is out of the question right now.

    Could I putty in the dents, sand smooth and the apply vinyl? There are some pretty boss looking color schemes that I think would look sweet.

    What say you ???

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    Re: Vinyl car wraps

    yes that is possible. just make sure the car has a nice flat surface as any dent/crack or anything like that can be seen in your vinyl.
    If you do a proper vinyl job it will not be that much cheaper than painting a car as the preparations are the same and this is the most time consuming job and therefor pricy

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    Re: Vinyl car wraps

    I'm an apprentice signwriter and whole car wraps are very popular. If you can prep the car yourself, which pretty much involves cleaning the entire car THOROUGHLY, getting in every nook and cranny, removing all specks of tar etc (turps is the best option for removing tar), and then using another cleaning agent (such as iso propyl alcohol) to clean the greasy residue left by the turps, the application should be relatively cheap. As an idea, the vinyl we use is about $50NZD a metre and will last generally 5-8 years. Hope this helps you somewhat. Make sure they put the badges and what have you back on too, we have genuine RX-2 badges, Vauxhall Victor badges and the likes on the toolboxes at work that the boss has collected over the many years he's been doing it :lol:

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