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Thread: New member from Colorado!

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    New member from Colorado!

    So little about my cars and me.

    I picked up a 1981 Toyota Starlet a little under a year ago, bought it from a friend who I had been bugging to sell it for a long time haha.
    I had been searching for one for a long time, I love hatchbacks but I do not really like FF cars much.
    I got it with a bad head-gasket and a plethora of other engine problems. But rust is minimal and everything was there.

    Tossed around a few ideas of what to do with it, replace the 4k-C headgasket and rebuild the car or Put a N/A 13b into it that I had access too. I settled on dropping a KA24E that I acquired for free. (USDM s13 engine, for all the international folks.)

    I also own a 1996 s14. This is my track only drift car. It is in the process of a heart transplant, VQ35DE out of a 350z and Tube frame front (went into a wall at a circle track).

    As for myself I am currently stationed in Colorado Springs (Air Force). However I am from Tucson Arizona originally, grew up as an army brat and moved all over.

    Thanks! I'll post up my current build thread in the appropriate section.

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    Re: New member from Colorado!

    Starlets are pretty nice. You don't see too many of them though. Many people dismiss them as another fwd hatch but they get snatched up by collectors for the rwd aspect. They do share a little resemblance to the other Toyota hatch backs like the (almost forgotten) mid 80's Corolla FX and also the early gen Tercel Hatch. :tu:

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