Hey guys and gals! Like the title states, Im looking for more information on a repair manual I found in storage at my house. Its a repair manual for 71-74 Celicas, 69-74 Corona MKIIs, 68-74 Coronas, and 68-74 Corollas. It looks like it was published by a company called IAPCO with a number C3007. It is unopened and the manual looks to be in great condition with the packaging worn from the years. I tried looking it up, but only got results for C3005 and C3006 manuals. Im looking to see if its worth anything, or should I just keep it around? So far I dont plan on opening it and keeping it around in my collection since I love old school Toyotas

Here are some pics:

I look forward to getting more info on the manual. For the mean time, Ill keep lurking around and drooling over some of the build threads and pics

Thanks in advance!