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Thread: nearly hit some cows in my Datsun today!!!!

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    nearly hit some cows in my Datsun today!!!!

    Big ugly cows too - three of 'em to be exact!

    Actually, the local exotic animal farm was having fence issues :lol:!

    Four thoughts:

    1. Camels don't respect the right-of-way.

    2. Camels are not phased by Datsun horns.

    3. Camels are apparently naturally inclined to poop only on paved surfaces.

    4. It is a bit disconcerting to crest a hill in Stephens County, Oklahoma, U.S.A. and have three of these jihad scooters come into view!!!

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    Haha, nice.

    Not quite on topic, but I was on my way to Port Austin (top of the thumb of Michigan) to mow lawn, and passed by a funeral home with a GORGEOUS restored Datsun Fairlady roadster in the parking lot. Was gone by the time I came back. I suppose the scenery in your pictures reminded me of most of the trip through farmland. :lol: And the last time I made the trip I saw a peacock wandering down the side of M-53. :lol:

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    Re: nearly hit some cows in my Datsun today!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by baron von chickenpants
    jihad scooters
    So politically incorrect... I love it!

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    Lol "Ugly cows" Least you didn't hit them. That would of sucked.

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