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Thread: Flynlow's 1st Post - RA24 Celica Content

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    Flynlow's 1st Post - RA24 Celica Content

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum, and relatively new to Japanese Nostalgic Cars. I did a mini-resto/cleanup to an AW11 2 years ago, but I'm not sure they're old enough to qualify?

    Anyways, my next project is a '77 Celica GT:

    Bought from the original owner!!! It has approximately 150K miles, and runs, albeit with a blown headgasket. Some rust under the home respray, but not bad considering how prone to rust these cars are!

    Plan is:
    1.) Fix headgasket and drive for a month or two to shake out any other problems
    2.) Strip paint and respray
    3.) Update (actually backdate) bumpers to smileys
    4.) Possible 7MGE swap in place of the stock 20R

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    Re: Flynlow's 1st Post - RA24 Celica Content

    nice celica, a very good project 7m in the bodywork! luck, and updated with many photos.

    welcome :tu: :mrgreen:

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