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Thread: Are these anything special

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    Are these anything special

    Stopped at a salvage yard today to check it out. Dude behind the counter was a total.... well, when I asked about vintage J-tin, he answered, "Nah, I just crush that junk, it ain't worth nothin"
    Reason why I stopped is because he does have a couple of J-tin up at the front of the yard by the road. Some 280ZX, 300Zs and an early RX-7. Took a pic of the rims on the RX-7, I am guessing they are nothing special, but I am toyota guy not a mazada guy.

    I am guessing they are just a factory mag, but wasn't sure. They were in very nice condition. It appeared that only one center cap was missing. Should I go back and see if he would separate them from the car?

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    Re: Are these anything special

    Factory wheels from the earliest year - at least in Aus. We'd call it a Series 1

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