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Thread: Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

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    Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

    ...As titled :?

    Managed to do this with a thermostat cover bolt.

    I haven't seemed to figure out a solution that doesn't involve a welder or a heat gun, neither of which I have.

    Further drilling doesn't matter, there's a couple mm of (now vicegrips mangled) thread above the block. I'm letting it sautee in penetrating oil currently.

    Any tips would be appreciated from here on out :mrgreen:

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    Re: Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

    Sounds like a tough situation mate, I know you said you you don't have access but if you can borrow the gear or get help, welding a bar or lever on the end of the bolt is probably going to be the easiest way out especially now that the extractor is broken off in there. I've had a fair bit of luck using left-handed drill bits for removing sheared bolts but I don't know how you would go drilling into the extractor as well. If there is enough of the bolt sticking out you could try and file two sides flat to get some purchase with a smaller spanner or, using a hacksaw, cut a slot in the end of the bolt (like on a woodscrew) and give it a whack with an impact driver to shock it loose maybe. The problem with the last two methods comes down to physics however- if the bolt is seized hard enough to snap the head off (which has a larger diameter) there isn't much chance of you loosening it without damage by applying the same force to a smaller area. To even up the odds, try and let it marinate in WD40 for as long as possible or try and apply some heat before attempting to loosen it. If absolutely all else fails maybe look at drilling the bolt out - with the hardened extractor in there it would be a fair mission but if you can drill very straight and central (use a punch) and with the perfect size bit you may just be able to scrape out some bits of thread and be good to go - more likely you will need to drill oversize (make sure there is enough material around the hole) and retap the hole or use a helicoil on it.

    Hope that helps
    Good Luck

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    Re: Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

    Use a brass punch if you are going to be hitting it, the tool grade steel of the extractor is brittle.

    The advice given above is top notch

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    Re: Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

    the easiest way to remove a broken extractor is to drill at low speed with a tile drill , home depot has them and it looks like an arrowhead on the tip of a steel rod . after you get that out try to drill out the broken bolt as large as you can without hurting the block and the threads in it. now heat the area up with a propane torch and use an extractor to take out the rest . if you can drill it on center sometimes you can pull out the bolt that is broken as if it where a heli coil . good luck

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    Re: Bolt broken off in block, extractor broken off in bolt.

    If you are still stuck on this problem and can tow or drive the car these guys can fix just about anything. Since you are in OC they may be local to you?


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