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Thread: steering wheel Accord 1980?...

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    steering wheel Accord 1980?...


    New member from Argentina. Just know the site and im pretty excited. I own a beautiful Accord hatchbak white 1980, i love it.
    One of the few things that is bugging me is the steering wheel. its pretty used, actually. i just know that with a better- or new one, the car would feela whole lot better.
    So i guess the question is this: WHERE can i find a new steering whell to buy? How much would it cost?...

    Looking forward to your replies.

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    They are still available brand new from Honda dealers. Online pricing seems to be $400-$450. A good used one may be more cost effective. $400 for a stock wheel is pretty steep.


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    Bind an old wheel in leather after filling rim imperfections with urethane sealant/adhesive (sets like rubber) ?
    Though the plastics can warp about awfully too.

    Late 2g Accord 4-spoke wheel didn't look too bad either.

    Though I painted up a standard 1g Civic wheel for a brushed steel & "wood" retro Honda look.

    Hadn't intended it for the Accord but couldn't resist.

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    steering wheel

    Thanks guys for the answers.
    GEEE-zuz, $400 ? Damn, i was hoping 200, tops.
    Do you know any site where i can look it up and order?
    I live in Argentina and i just cant find them on a local shop here.

    Take care

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