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Thread: Mazda Rx-4 Wagon Spotting

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    Mazda Rx-4 Wagon Spotting

    Came across this Mazda Rx-4 Wagon on the way home from work - had to grab my camera right away.Its the rotary powered version of the Mazda 808. The sedans and coupes had different tail lights than the 808s but the wagon did not. This one seemed to be in fantastic shape. The big bumpers seem to peg it as a 1974 model. I was amazed by it being so origional - even the stock steel wheels.

    A couple pictures (bigger sizes here - )

    also a Mazda 808 in the local scrapyard (being saved on top of bus)

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    Nice spotted Dave... :tu:

    Wondering..what are purpose of cable at the grill? LOL

    Mazda 808 look like worth to save...lucky you guy over there..808 also had the same facelift with RX3..

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    The cable in the grill is for the block heater - we get winter here!

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    337 just notice the RX4 got nice plate 'GTR'... :mrgreen:

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    Is this by chance in Lethbridge,Alberta? You seem to see some seriously cool old school cars there.

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    Killer wagoon!!

    Tell me you left a note

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    Yes Lethbridge. Used to be a ton of old school cars here. Less so in recent yes with a boom in the economy about three to five years ago. Cars don't rust too badly here so 60s daily drivers aren't too uncommon.

    Sorry - no note. If I had to the funds to acquire it I would have.

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