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Thread: '76 Coupe restoration

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    '76 Coupe restoration

    I'm currently in the process of restoring a 1976 Subaru GF 2-Dr. Coupe, and I need parts. Mainly a Trunk lid and a hood, but I could definitely, DEFINITELY use some floorboard as well, but that's easier to improvise fixing than a trunk lid, I think. I've put a posting up on craig's list with ...not much luck. ANY help would be appreciated, even if you can just give me a possible location of parts. But if someone has parts to sell, name your price. Thanks


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    it will be easier to help once we know your location!


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    Great, another person restoring a coupe! I'm so glad people are caring for the more obscure models. Talk to Datsunrides and good luck. Post some pics if you got 'em.

    Welcome to JNC!

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