NOTICE: Please do not show up earlier than 11am to give staff enough time to organize the event.

Nw-Built and StanceWars have joined forces.
Come hang out, and be cool.
Donít Show us your drifting skills, drive like a jack @$$, rev like a newbie, or generally act a fool. The cops will be around.
Be cool and help others park, and be nice to others that arenít here for the GTG.
Be ready with your camera, and park 2 or 3 deep with your crew or friends !

CONSEQUENCES for people who don't follow the rules: We won't kick you out but your licence plate # WILL be recorded and reported to local authorities if the meet gets out of hand. Youíll also be called out the forums and laughed at.

We aren't trying to replace NWN's event in any way - we respect everything they've done. We are just trying to continue our own tradition from last year's big nw-built event at GG. Check out the video here:

Golden Gardens Park
8498 Seaview Pl. NW, Seattle, WA