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Thread: Is Datsun coming back?

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    Is Datsun coming back?

    I just read an article a few days ago about Nissan flirting with the idea of bringing the Datsun brand back. Is this just somebody's "wet dream" or does it look like we will be making space in our garages in the near future for new classics?

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    Re: So......... is Datsun coming back?

    It doesn't much matter to me whether Datsun comes back, as it sounds like the brand would just be used to make de-contented cars solely for the developing market, most likely Thai built cars, that wouldn't even remotely resemble anything interesting. I.E.: in the vain of the new Micra, but even cheaper. I'd think with the Renault link, we'd see something close to a rebadged Dacia. If anything, these would diminish the appeal of our cars to laymen.

    Ehh. Let them do whatever they think they can to sell cars, I like to think real enthusiasts can tell a schmaltzy retro ad campaign from a genuine honestly good car. The Nissan of yesterday has few tangible links to the present Renault Nissan anyway, so the association is based upon false laurels.

    I doubt it would happen anyway, it's an idea that seems to get bandied about yearly in some segment of the press or another, without any basis, during slow news months.

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    Re: So......... is Datsun coming back?

    ah, just waiting for this thread as it's popped up on virtually every forum i frequent
    but as i've said on other forums, READ beyond the headline

    (not picking on chino, but even my brother considers reading just the headline as sufficient)

    anyway, dach points out,this news (that's been floating around for years)
    does not give us datsunites cause for hope

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