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Thread: Help plz.

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    Help plz.

    Hi! I can't identify the car model and the type of the car body. I know that it is Nissan skyline 1979, sedan. It looks like skyline 1977 touring international. Here are the photos. Headlights and mirrors are not original.
    Sorry for poor photo quality.

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    Re: Help plz.

    C210/211 Nissan Skyline.
    Looks like a 4 cylinder with chrome E36 M3 wing mirrors.
    So like the silver one in this pic.
    The white one behind it is a 6 cylinder.

    Neither have chrome M3 mirrors but that should not put you off buying one if it is in good shape.

    And one of the rear -

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    Re: Help plz.

    That car looks great. The shift knob is a bit weird but otherwise it looks like it is in wonderful condition.

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