Hi all,

I've got a little bit of downtime at work, so I thought I'd jump back on an airbox project I started a while back. This is for a set of triple Mikuni 44PHH.
In the past, I've bought both the fiberglass and the carbon air boxes that TWM sell but returned both because I found the layup & build quality not worth the kind of money they were charging for them.

I'm still up in the air on how to fasten both halves together... First 4 pics show M6X20 allen head bolts going into riveted nut plates.
Last pic ditches the recesses for the M6 allen head bolts and instead goes with Dzus 1/4-lock fasteners at the periphery of the flange between outer shell and flat carb mounting plate.

The Dzus way is cleaner, but if one is running a heat shield under the carbs (I am) it might make it difficult to get to those downward facing 3 fasteners.

I could also clean up one exposed edge by making the inner carb mounting flat plate sit INSIDE of the outer shell, instead of the opposite how it's pictured right now.

I'm also still open on what diameter to make the connector for the intake tubing...
I could go with 2", 2.5", or 3"

I want to check what size the round hole is in the radiator support and maybe let that decide what size tubing to use.
https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/produ ... oduct=3630

Once the design is finalized, I'll mill out negative moulds and have the two halves professionally layed up here locally in SoCal by a SCCA guy who makes a lot of bodywork parts for race cars.
I'm open to thoughts and comments if you have any input ...

My pics are on flickr - (sorry to those that don't have flickr accts and can't see them)