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Thread: First year Isuzu badges cars were sold in U.S.?

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    First year Isuzu badges cars were sold in U.S.?

    I was always a bit foggy understanding when Isuzu started selling cars in the U.S. with Isuzu franchises. Was it '82 or '81? Was it nationwide?...or did they start on the west coast and move east. In that first year, did they offer the full line?...the Gemini, the Pickup & a Trooper? Was that all they offered? I have a '82 Isuzu Pickup magazine ad that shows an older generation Gemini super small at the bottom of the page. I never saw an earlier Gemini on the road, just the mid-80s era Geminis.

    Here in the midwest, they just seemed to ease in and I didn't notice them until the Impulse came around and Joe Isuzu made them known to everyone.

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    Re: First year Isuzu badges cars were sold in U.S.?

    Quote Originally Posted by slimwhitman
    Joe Isuzu made them known to everyone.
    Does it really matter what happened before this glorious moment? I say no.

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    There was an Isuzu dealership in Portland, Oregon in 1965, selling US Spec Bellel Diesel sedans (steering wheel on the left side).

    Belletts were sold in Canada in 1965 (also steering wheel on the left side).

    Belletts were being raced in SCCA events at Laguna Seca in 1967. But that one looks like a right hand steering GT that was a private import.

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    the gemini (i mark) was sold as a buick opel and from 75

    dunno about the isuzu content tho, there were quite a few similarities to our model which did have isuzu electrics/motor/box etc


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