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Thread: Secret Honda 600 Graveyard

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    Secret Honda 600 Graveyard

    Embrace the junk! I took my Subaru 360 sedan on an extended drive one Sunday and paid a visit to B & B Automotive a while ago. They have an entire fleet of Honda 600 parts cars out back, and many more Honda 600 parts inside. I noticed some Fiat 600D's and a few Fiat 850 sport coupe cars as well. Some Honda 600 cars were literally hanging from the rafters. All this stuff is for sale. Much is rusting away or about ready to fall into the Washougal river. This compilation of still shots was taken in Feb 2009 with my old Panasonic Lumix TZ3. I have since upgraded the film to 1080p HD, enjoy. Some of the better cars have been discovered and are gone now, but most are still here. There are many 1st generation Civic's and CVCC's too. Located in the NW, in Washougal, Washington. Give Blaine or Brian a call 8am to 5pm M-F PST. They are willing to deal. I'd like to see the stuff get saved and or used before it's too late.

    See the You Tube video description for the phone number.



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    Re: Secret Honda 600 Graveyard

    Nice find :shock: hope could have here in Spain or near in europe a graveyard like that...

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    Re: Secret Honda 600 Graveyard


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