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Thread: Archer "Drift Problem"

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    Archer "Drift Problem"

    did anybody watch Archer on 2/9, the episode was called "drift problem". there was a ton of nostalgics inspired cars on that episode. i saw what looked like 510, 240, ae86, te27, and others. not perfect renditions but close enough that i knew exactly what they were. i don't see the episode online yet but it's just another example of nostalgics going mainstream

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    Re: Archer "Drift Problem"

    Yeah, I watched it too. Looks like one of the yakuza was driving a 2nd gen Celica and I'm pretty sure Pam's car is an RX-2.

    Archer seems to take place in the 80s since all the cars seem to come from that era or before, ISIS's computers look like the Apple Lisa, and they sometimes tangle with the KGB rather than the FSB.

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    Re: Archer "Drift Problem"

    Dang! got beaten to the punch!
    Still, I got screen caps! :P

    AE86 and Pam's RX2

    RX2 and KE30 hiding in the background

    Back of the RX2

    AE86 again

    Mazda 323!!!

    Zed on Watanabes!

    They all (except for the Zed) crash in a manner that would make Daimon proud!

    Pretty impressive effort. When the story started leading towards the "underground drift scene" I was expecting purple R32's with stupid big wings etc, I was pleasantly surprised.

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    Re: Archer "Drift Problem"

    I've been sort of wanting to check this show out... I need something til the next season of Venture Brothers...

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    Re: Archer "Drift Problem"

    Quote Originally Posted by Dachshund
    I've been sort of wanting to check this show out... I need something til the next season of Venture Brothers...
    If you like Venture Brothers, you'll like this. 8)

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    Re: Archer "Drift Problem"

    I haven't seen it but:

    1. My stepfather/then stepsister had a GLC
    2. I have a black AE86
    3. My father-in-law had a 4-door RX-2
    4. I had a TE31
    5. I've never had a Z.

    This is creepin' me out.

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