hi to all,
been rebuilding my car for a year now, installed the engine and after a couple of tries it fired up, its L20A engine with hitachi carb, I've had problems with shifting and concluded that it was the clutch not releasing properly, after adjusting it it became better, but once I shift on the road ( I tend to shift it at high rev about 5K) to see its drag power, it usually shifts to third fine; once i need to shift to fourth it goes well in neutral then suddenly you feel like you hit something with the shifting level so I quickly keeps it in neutral and hold down the brakes, kind happened a lot to me, the gearbox was kind of short in length (couldn't find the model) but I guess its a close ratio gearbox, it has this written on a plate on it "NMCA L #3", can someone figure out the problem? and would a 1978 280z gearbox fit directly without cutting in the chassis for the lever arm, the car is LAUREL C31 a 1983 year model. :|