Hey guys, I have a couple really decent tail lights but the sealing cement?!?
guess thats what it is.... has dried up after 30 years! VERY brittle, and just pops off with a knife

I do not want to use Silicone sealer as that is to flexible,
and probably wouldn't stand a couple trunk closings without blowing out

Is there something designed to glue them in factory style, maybe last another 30 years?!?!
maybe a sealing putty, but NOT JB weld, hahaha
I've considered a glue of somekind, something like Elmers,
but for plastic, that would dry clear but still hold!
but have yet to FIND one!

it was nice to take these out and polish the lenses with out messing up the chrome,
but now they gotta go back, and I am sure there are other restorers that would love the info!

thanks alot for any help or suggestions!