Hello everyone.

I'm a short time member here, I've got a 76 Colt Sedan but I've got a one-way plane ticket to fly out to San Francisco on the 12th of Feb. I'll be picking up a 74 Colt Wagon and driving it back to Indiana.

From San Fran I'm probably driving to Las Vegas

From Las Vegas up to the Salt Flats

From Salt Flats through southern wyoming

Then down to Denver CO

From CO across Kansas to Topeka

Across Missouri to Southern IL

Then into Indiana

For any of you members who live in these states and might like to cruise along for a bit, I would welcome it.

To any of the members that might have some decent 4x114 wheels and tires that would look great on a 70's wagon; please PM me, I'd love to pick up a set before leaving California!