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Thread: What should I do (engine/transmisson swap)??

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    What should I do (engine/transmisson swap)??

    So I finally got myself a reliable daily and can concentrate fully on the Challenger without having to drive it everyday. I've been planning on doing a 5 speed and or engine swap for a while now and have been weighing out my options. Keep in mind I'm a student and am on a tight budget, lets say $1000 said and done. I'd like to keep the car pure Mitsubishi but I'm open to any ideas as long as it's relatively cheap and has good performance/durability per $. At first I was thinking starion swap but around here there hard to find. Almost nonexistant in junkyards and people who have engines want a premium for them.


    5 speed D50 trans. with stock narrowblock G54
    Pros- Cheap, no ecu/efi to wire, Already have engine
    Cons- Little performance/aftermarket, no "cool factor"

    5 speed D50 trans. with mild 4g63 narrow
    Pros- Most performance, proven platform (cheap+plentiful parts), common swap (starion)
    Cons- Expensive, lots of custom wiring.

    Nissan Ka24de with 5 speed
    Pros- Cheap (have a line on a good runner for $300), Decent performance, proven platform (cheap+plentiful parts)
    Cons- More custom wiring, Would need custom driveshaft, Nissan engine in a Mitsubishi may lead to :?

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    with the top 2, a new carb setup is going to be key t making any power. The 63 wont make as much na as a 2,6 can without a twin cam head,

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    What if you do what I did? You can pretty easily find a good running 90' up Mitsu/Dodge pickup with the 4G64 and 5 speed for under 1K. You will have most of the parts you need for the swap with the donor truck and you get the added benefit of EFI. You get close to KA24DE power and a much easier swap. The added plus is it's still all Mitsu! I would not bother with a SOHC 4G63 engine, FWIW.


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    Well it looks like I'm going to have to get rid of the Challenger. :cry: I've been really busy with school and band ect. and didn't really see myself finishing this project anytime soon. If I had the room for it I would keep this car forever, but right now I'm limited to only one car again and the Challenger is too much for me..... but, I found the perfect (nearly) replacement, an 89 MR2 AW11 5 speed n/a in good condition with 150,000 miles. I got it for a pretty good deal and it's going to be the first car I've ever owned with no rust!

    Maybe later in life I'll be able to get another Challenger and do it right, but for now I'm just glad to have something reliable and cool to boot.

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