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Thread: 83 xs650 being built by me.

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    83 xs650 being built by me.

    This is my first bike build. I wanted to build a metric bike that wasnt going to cost me an arm and a leg. Did a little research on what was out in the japanese motorcycle market being built in to cool bobbers and cafe racers. I decided to go with a xs650. I got really lucky with this one. There are not very many xs650's around my area in the price range i was looking for. The very first attempt to find one locally (the only one at that) i got lucky. Purchased it at a reasonable price. Replaced the starting gear and took it out for a spin, then tore it down and began to build it little by little.
    Here is where i am at now. I will post more pics when i get more time. i just wanted to share my JNB since i am new.

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    Re: 83 xs650 being built by me.

    whoa! is that a 6 inch stretch? cool pipes.

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