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Thread: My 1969 360 Sedan

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    My 1969 360 Sedan

    Just stumbled upon this forum today - and what timing! I'm flying cross country to pick up my 1969 Subaru and (hopefully) drive it back home.

    I bought this car way back when I was 16 (17?) for $400 with the hope of restoring it. But I didn't really have much money to put into it, so it took me a while to get it running etc.

    In any event I finally got the master cylinder rebuilt and the brakes working last year, and it was running like a champ. I also repacked the wheel bearings, and other misc. things.

    The only problems are I need to fit a muffler to it (any ideas?) and I need to find a replacement fuel tap, since I mangled the rubber valve in the original - and the Subaru 360 Driver's Club informs me they no longer have any of the repro valves available.


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    And here's a couple of pics since I couldn't post them in my first post for some reason.

    First running:

    Stint as a storage shed:

    Oh, and I'm a bit of a failure of a freelance illutrator, but here's some 360s and Daihatsu's I drew:

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    Dude, you're driving a 360 cross country!? That takes some massive cojones. Be sure to take photos along the way, it should be awesome.

    Also, love the drawing! Welcome to JNC

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    I agree with ben that it is a major pair hanging from you to do this. But hey I would love to hear about the trip with photos too!

    Welcome to the Forum!!!

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    Well I got a muffler sorted out mostly, I'll probably just put a clamp on the fuel line when the car needs to sit until I can find a suitable replacement for the original valve.

    Luckily the brakes were not frozen from sitting for a year, so I think I'll have it all freshened up and ready by the end of next week.

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    Took it for a short trip today, and found some unexpected problems - first the headlights wouldn't work - but after cleaning the fuses they turned on (I think the fusebox may be faulty, as when I tried before random lights turned on, but not the headlights.)

    The other problem is fuel starvation, I had to stop several times on my (aprox. 10 mile) trip to let the car sit and the carburetor fill with gas. Each time I pulled the gas line off at the carb and saw that fuel was not coming out, so I held the open end of the line lower until fuel began to flow and then plugged it back in to the carb. I think that the sediment bowl needs to be cleaned and the fuel filter probably needs to be replaced.

    The brakes were adequate, though a little lumpy (aluminum drums, what can I do?) and there is a very annoying buzzing sound under acceleration that I cannot locate the source of.

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    Hmmm ok, I guess there's an electrical problem because the battery was dead this morning. ARGGH.

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    You need to see Kev's great writeup on fusible links. He had the same problem with random lights turning on when they weren't supposed to. Good luck!

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    Does anybody have a wiring diagram for these cars?

    I had one in my subaru 360 driver's club stuff, but I can't find the folder anywhere, so I'm asking if anybody here has one.

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    There is an electronic fuel tap available that works with your 360. You can find info on the 360 Driver's Club Discussion Forum. There are also members that insist that a basic cheap electric fuel pump improves performance. A simple manual in-line turn type shut-off works well for long term non-use/storage. Don't forget to add an inline fuel filter, as well.
    The fusebox clean-up you described is standard procedure for a 360. Not sure why, design flaw, location on firewall or whatever....but, the connections need cleaning from time to time.
    Glad you solved your muffler issue......they are hard to come by and the replacement part (old Volvo muffler) is no longer available. Most rebuild/repair thier existing. One owner made a new one from scratch, but haven't heard if he will make more available to others?
    Excellent info and maybe a wiring diagram can be found here:
    Hope this helps and keep posting your progress.

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