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Thread: Aussie tn360/tn7 ute/van

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    Aussie tn360/tn7 ute/van

    Hi guys new Aussie member looking for Aust sources for parts(or anywhere for that matter) for 73? tn7 ute i have just bought ,a few dents small amount of rust but runs & drives reasonably well considering it was flogged around a paddock by owners kids when they were younger.
    Just need to know who might have bits & pieces around as i get into this project as undoubtly will encounter problems on the way.
    Finding info alone is hard enough on these cars ,let alone parts,trying to get reliable production figures ,years made ,interchangeability of passenger car parts etc . Any help would be appreciated,i live in Perth W.A (Western Australia)

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    Wild beast. Can't be many about. looking at the info at
    was enlightenting.
    Interesting to compare to the more common '80's 550cc Acty we got in the 80's which were water-cooled & had early Civic like 4x120 stud-pattern, though still drum brakes. Doesn't look like it could share a huge amount aside from engine internals with the (pre73) N & Z 360 cars with the engine on its side like that while N & Z were vertical with g/box in rear of crankcase & getting drive from the engine via chains.
    Though I guess the basic principals should be similar if perhaps detuned/geared for more torque over power.

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    Thanks for reply 79Cord,was wondering if you didnt talk about commercial vehicles on this site or something
    i remember seeing a few of these around years ago,cant believe they have all but gone,this one was a panelvan but the body must have rusted out or something and was unbolted and thrown away,i have always liked the twin headlights on this model sort of looked less japanese i suppose similar to coupe 9s i owned years ago in Albany ,very tired motor but could still get up and go much to some peoples surprise,should never have sold it.
    I will make up some dropsides for this one and just run it as mini pickup.

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    I can't help but I just wanted to say we love all types of cars here, commercial or not. Welcome and good luck

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    Hi mate,

    Call Imlachs Centre Road Wreckers in Clayton Victoria. They have 1 in there with a body on the back. Quite good nik too was ex display car. I bought their ex display N360


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    Re: Aussie tn360/tn7 ute/van


    i've just bought one of these to.... im in perth to

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    Re: Aussie tn360/tn7 ute/van

    hi folks
    if you are still interested i have several boxes and parts of nos tn360 (tn7) that i wish to sell
    some of the parts for instance
    new brake drums and shoes
    master cylinders
    front grill
    chains for truck drop down tail gate
    gasket sets
    few engine parts
    chain tensioners
    and numerous other parts all genuine honda nos
    hope this helps

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