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Thread: one RARE Isuzu GT-R

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    one RARE Isuzu GT-R

    check this out you isuzu lads,how rare is this! ... 837360.htm


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    There were some concerns about this car.

    Apparently, there is no stamp, code, or mark on these cars to designate them as GTR trim instead of GT trim. There is/was not a huge number of the DOHC engines, so a converted car with a 1.6 DOHC has to either have the engine from a wrecked GTR or one of the less common 117 Coupes.

    There is at least one company that has a reputation of converting cars over and being less than upfront about which cars they sell were originally GTRs and which cars were converted. A lot of this company's cars seem to have 1.8 and 2.0 liter DOHC engines.

    Converting a car and saying it's converted (disclosing it to the buyer) or for personal use and enjoyment is not really an issue, but GTRs are coming up for sale at five to ten times more than the going price for a GT, and the asking price justifies some extra scrutiny.

    The things that draw questions with this one:
    The universality "black hood" paint scheme and body colors of original GTRs is not established. All GTRs may or may not have had this paint scheme, and they may or may not have been orange, white, and blue only. But there are solid color cars claimed to be GTRs.
    But, the black hood paint scheme is not correct on this car. It is not just the hood, but a stripe adjacent to the hood on the top edge of the fender, the cowl at the base of the windshield, and the triangles at the base of the windshield, and the tailgate. The fenders, cowl, and base of the windshield are wrong on this car.
    And the twin black racing stripes that finish out the paint scheme are missing from the sides of the car.
    It has the fog light front bumper, hood vents, and rear quarter panel vents, but the chrome details are incorrect. The backs of the wing mirrors and base of the roof antenna are supposed to be black. The trunk hinges are supposed to be the same color as the body, also.

    No accusations in any of this. It may be an inaccurate restoration, the best that could be done with limited parts availability, or something similar. But another example of "more questions than answers".

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