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Thread: How do you display your JNC sticker?

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    How do you display your JNC sticker?

    I attached my JNC sticker to a magnet material, cutting the magnet to fit the sticker exactly. I then mounted the JNC sticker to the drivers side rear deck near my trunk , where I have a small section of peeling paint. It covers it perfectly & looks like it belongs there. Now I don't cringe when people look closely at my car's paint job.

    BTW, Here's a photo of my car, it's a 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster

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    Pretty Roadster man. Gotta love the multi-uses of the JNC decals!!! :tu: :mrgreen:

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    Hehe that sounds like something I would do!

    You're roadster looks pristine by the way! :wink:

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    I also have a ding/rust spot and I just slapped the sticker on directly. You're f'in brilliant

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    ...I have a small ding in my rear bumper that I've been contemplating covering with a koreisha...

    But I can't tell if the koreisha is a legitimate symbol of old Japanese car solidarity, or merely western ignorance of eastern culture and practices :lol:

    A JNC sticker could just communicate the "I drive a Datsun, and not just because I live in poverty" sentiment equally :mrgreen:

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