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Thread: Mazda Roadpacer...actual footage!

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    Re: Mazda Roadpacer...actual footage!

    There's been one for sale on Trade Me in nz for a couple of years now,
    it's in excellent condition as well

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    Re: Mazda Roadpacer...actual footage!

    No matter how many times I see footage of a Road Pacer it will always remind me of the crappy Australian Sitcom "Kingswood Country".

    You got me laughing Dave with your quote, best Holden every produced... I'd say that's not something too be proud of :lol:

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    Re: Mazda Roadpacer...actual footage!

    Me and my mates love this clip :lol:

    This dudes enthusiasm for his roadpacer is so awesome - fave quotes of video (in aussie accent):

    They look like bathroom mats - you like the colour?

    Its also got the chime.

    I changed the tyres cause they were rooted.

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