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Thread: 215 on 15x10

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    215 on 15x10

    So I'm a noob at stretching a tire but I'm pretty sure this is possible. I have a set of 215/60/15 winter tire that I want to use till spring or they wear out. I also want to learn how to stretch tires so I can do it myself when I need to. So I headed out to the garage to try it out for the first time ever luck. I got the tire on the wheel and grabbed some brake cleaner, sprayed it in just like you tube shows and lit it. The stuff flamed up but the tire didn't move at all. I sprayed more in a coated all around and same thing. Flames like crazy but no head popping. What is the trick? What am I doing wrong?? The video I watched showed the one bead seated and the tire set on cinder blocks. I have. O clue on how to seat the fist bead or the second one.
    Some please help me. I'm kinda committed to this set up.

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    Re: 215 on 15x10

    No fire involved with this technique:

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    Re: 215 on 15x10

    you have to have air hooked up to the stem while doing the fire the videos closer...would be easier to go the bike route

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