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Thread: Rare Wheels! Info please?

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    Rare Wheels! Info please?

    I was buying a set of 15" Enkei CP S2 wheels in a shop in Singapore when I chanced upon some "old school wheels" inside the storage area. The shop owner sold it to me for a "very good" price and even threw in two "dusty" 15 " Venette Vegas.

    These are brand new and were never used. The brand of the rims is Oscam, made in Italy, size 13 x 5.5 pcd 4 x 100(101.6?). I look for it on the web and found out that this are rare! Any additional info of this will be appreciated.

    Free delivery....

    15" Venette Vegas

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    Re: Rare Wheels! Info please?

    sweet rims, if they were 14 o r 15's we be talking price! :lol:

    looks like a great deal on some nice rims!
    throw them on ebay and make some bucks, betcha someone is looking for them!!!

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