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Thread: Noob from KY.

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    Noob from KY.

    Hey all. I just stumbled across the forum on my lunch break today, thought I would introduce myself.

    My name is Nathan, I am 24, and I reside in Louisville KY. My first car was an 83 Corolla Wagon that I got when I was 15, which I still own. That car got me interested in vintage Japanese steel, but I have been a RWD Corolla fanatic since I was 15. (Before the drift scene blew up thankfully.)

    Anyhow, I look forward to spending some time on the forum. Looks like theres some cool people/cars on here. If you are in my region, speak up!

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    Heres a quick description of my current projects. Most of them are on hold as I am in the process of buying a house so i have my own place to keep them and work on them. I don't have pics of them all here at work.

    92 Nissan 240sx- Current daily driver. I am going to sell it in the next 30 days to fix up a Corolla to drive instead.
    -212K miles
    -20K on rebuilt engine
    -prothane full bushing set
    -Infiniti J30 front brakes
    -Infiniti J30 LSD
    -Tokico blues with eibach sportline springs

    83 Corolla Wagon- My first car and still my baby. The car has been in a state of disrepair for the past few years as I started to tear it down to restore the body and got sidetracked.
    -4AGE swap
    -coilovers and other suspension mods

    87 Corolla AE86 SR5-GTS Conversion
    -Full GTS conversion (except for body)
    -rebuilt engine twice since owning most recently this spring
    -injen intake
    -9lb flywheel
    -TRD head gasket
    -espelir springs with Koni yellows
    -typical chassis bracing
    -full exhaust
    -electric fan
    -manual steering conversion
    - T3 underdrive water pump and alternator pulleys
    - T3 delrin shifter rebuild kit
    - T3 silicone radiator hoses
    - Cusco engine and transmission mounts
    - full prothane bushing kit

    1980 Corolla Sport Coupe- I plan on making this car my daily driver in place of the 240. I bought it last year with a bad engine and replaced it with a used one I had laying around. I also did a manual trans conversion and threw on a set of supras. my next goal is to go through the brakes and steering and fix the body and chssis rust.

    Heres a link to a build thread on another forum. ... php?t=1232

    1979 Corolla Coupe- just another project that might get done one day. I have a 1UZ that I plan on swapping into the car but who knows when I will have time for it.

    1967.5 Datsun 411 SSS- a friend gave me this car because he was moving and couldnt keep it. I can't wait to have time to play with it. So cool.

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    Welcome! Nice collection of cars. Watch out for those house's, they can burn up a lot of car time.

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    Nice collection.

    Hope you get a good house where you can keep those babies.

    Welcome to Japanese Nostalgic

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    Awesome collection! Love your wagon, especially with that o/g roof rack

    Welcome to JNC!

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes, the house is going to burn up a bunch of car time as it needs to be gutted and have the plumbing and electricals re-done, but it will be worth it. The garage is big (Big enough for a lift!) and there is plenty of space for all my toys so I am willing to put in the work.

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    One thing I learned from doing up homes over the year's is to do your bedroom first, or nearly first. It give's you a place to get away from the mess at the end of the day.
    I have seen people live in a tent within their own house while working on it too. :shock: Whatever works!

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    he gave you a 411 sss!
    so jelous!
    i would sell my girlfriend for a sss 411.

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