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Thread: Video: Bosozoku/Shakotan/Garuchan Awesome

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    Video: Bosozoku/Shakotan/Garuchan Awesome

    I ran across this video and had to share it. It's five minutes of Bosozoku/Shakotan/Garuchan awesomeness.

    Just don't read the comments. YouTube comments are where stupid goes to hang out on the internet.

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    Re: Video: Bosozoku/Shakotan/Garuchan Awesome

    Most comments on this video are so meaningless. Funny how people simply jump to their own conclusions. :roll:

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    Re: Video: Bosozoku/Shakotan/Garuchan Awesome

    Were you expecting Shakespeare? youtube comments are the worst.

    While not to my own tastes, this is pretty awesome, if only for the set of balls required to haul around in something like that.

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