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Thread: 1st Gen CRX Fender braces

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    1st Gen CRX Fender braces

    The first step is to strip down the car:

    The fenders literally fell apart in my hands and had to be trashed, I guess I will be sourceing some new ones before the Weenie Roast in the fall.

    The next step is to stop at the liquor store to pick up a six pack of Coors, the liquid refreshment of choice for the guy who does my welding. He did the aluminum welding on the bracket I fabricated to replace the heavy impact absorbers that live under the bumper covers.

    Any way, the welder whipped up four four inch long "end plates" made out of 1/8" x 1 1/2" steel bar stock that got welded to the existing structure and then he tied the plates together with 1" steel tube.

    As you can see, the brace is not tied to the structure in the middle and there is enough room to slip some fingers in behind it.

    The Result: I can feel a significant difference in the rigidity of the car's front end.

    The Bottom Line: The cost of this project, including materiels, is just barely over $100.

    But I also will need to spend some money to replace my fenders .


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    Good work !

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    damm come help me do mine lol

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