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Thread: My datsun c210 skyline coupe

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    My datsun c210 skyline coupe

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 1978 datsun skyline coupe KMGC210, L24, 59000 kilometres. This car is original and is in excellent condition. I'd really like some feedback on how much it may be worth, cause I never see any of them around. Car is located in inland australia. Any information would be much appreciated. I am struggling to put pictures on here of it, keeps saying the board attachment quota has been reached? Any ideas?

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    Re: My datsun c210 skyline coupe

    Try using a picture uploader site such as or then you can attach a link to the image..

    its a great car you have and id love to see some pictures!!

    as far as value, its really a car that you will get what ever someone is willing to pay for it but dont sell it!!

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