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Thread: I am a Newbie Japanese car collector it seems..Barnfind S600

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    I am a Newbie Japanese car collector it seems..Barnfind S600

    Hi All,
    I have been a car collector since before I could drive. I have always had an interest in anything classic or interesting. Especially cars which are a little out of the norm. Mainly Aussie vehicles (Holden, Ford, Aussie Chev), but branched out into VWs (Had the Oldest recorded Post Barndoor 11 window Split Kombi in the world until recently ).

    So when i discovered a shed which contained cars that hadn't seen the light of day in over 2o years, i was pretty stoked. Initially, the owner asked me if I could help sell them....but after thinking on it, I have purchased 2 of them myself. Here is my favourite of the 2....even though I do really dig the 1964 Nissan Silvia (Shots to come & will be placed in Nissan forum).

    Engine bay very dusty, but perfect. Everything 100% original. Missing some rubber mats I think & carpet a bit tattered, but the rest perfect. 49,950 original miles. Purrs like a kitten. Glovebox contains all dealer info & original owners stuff.

    The photos are in fact 2 years old when i first discovered the cars...but due to the owners health, the deal was held off until he recovered.

    Will be detailing the car this week & will have more shots as I pulled it out of shed & got it going & home.

    Will also post some pics of the, thats a sweeeet car.

    Hope you like.
    Rob J

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    Wow, that is a great find! Did you purchase the cars from the original owner?

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    No mate, the S600 was purchased from a guy who got it from the original owner. Story goes, she needed something a little bigger & he was there at the right time, grabbed it, stashed it in his garage & that is where it has sat the whole time. Original tyres still hold air
    Low mileage, becuase we live in a small island statecalled Tasmania in Australia. A lot of my vehicles have been very low mileage cars due to this. Only so far you can go before you hit water

    So I have a few questions I hope someone here can answer.

    I read somewhere recently, that the S600 coupe wasn't "Officially" imported into the US. That dealers ordered them in themselves & private buyers did the same. Is this correct?
    As mine was imported into Australia, at the time, there were regulations that had to be adhered to. Like, being RHD, it was pretty much the same as the Japanese cars. BUT, we had MPH & Farenheit (Spelling?). Question there is, were they "Officially" imported into Australia? Or, as in the US, Dealer inported?

    Next question.
    Did all the Hondas have those rubber mats that I have seen in a lot of the S600's? Mine doesnt have them & I am wondering what was there if they weren't. Just some carpet atm, that needs cleaning up.

    any info appreciated.

    Rob J

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    Being Honda's first passenger car there weren't really any dealers to import them into the US, though they were sold in Canada.

    They were on general sale in Australia, & publicly displayed at motor shows along with a cut-away display engine that is still about here. I have some brochures my father got when they were new. & for a brief period they were recorded by one magazine as best selling in the small convertible market their quality against Sprites obvious even if their high technical specifications did frighten off some buyers (& the exotic engines relative rarity meant any mechanical problems would often result in dodgey drivetrain conversions). Though coupes obviously sold in lesser numbers & curiously S800 didn't seem to sell in the same numbers either having increased in price & European sales taking off.

    The tail-lamps were also revised for our market to incorporate indicators were the earliest examples had additional indicator lamps fitted separately.

    Here's a NSW brochure:

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    Thanks for the info, 79 Much appreciated. Is your S600 a coupe, or a convertible? Would love to see a pic.
    Very interested in joining a club or group down here in Aust. Not that I would be on many runs as there is a bit of water between us, but keen for the info & contacts that clubs provide.

    Any idea of numbers of the Aussie specced coupes & Converts? Like, how many of the 1800 came to Aust?

    Rob J

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    SWEET find!!!

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    Great story, nice find, good luck!

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    That is one hell of a barn find! I think you posted about floormats in the swap meet section. Anyway, join the, which is also owned by Brian of FormulaH.

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    Hi All,
    Well, it pays to dig around in these sheds. After being assured there were no floormats for the car, I lifted up a piece of old masonite & lo & behold, the floormats were there. Perfectly preserved I couldn't be happier.

    Car is in at specialist mechanic who is going over everything. The exhaust shat itself when I took it for a spin, so a new system is in order. Also, after mentioning to the guy, that it looked like someone had jimmied the original fuel cap & messed it up a little, he ran out the back & said "He we go...I kept this as a paperweight!"...Brand new NOS fuel cap with the little Honda key (Red plastic or enamel in the key head). He also gave me 2 other bits of NOS trim. Looks to me like the left & right side trim for the windscreen surround on a convertible. Hoping I can use those for swaps.

    There are a couple of little bits of trim missing & the Badge from the bootlid has disappeared, so I will hunt for them.

    Thanks all the the input.
    Rob J

    Here are a couple more pics.
    First time out of shed for 25 odd years.

    Mechanics for check up & rego inspection.

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