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Thread: Newbie with Conquest

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    Newbie with Conquest

    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to this forum, but I see a few familiar names from other forums here. For those, they have seen my pic before, for the it is:

    It's stock, only 89 specs in the computer. Sure a fun car to drive.
    I do have a webpage on it, if anyone is interested.

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    I dig the checkerboard pattern, it's so '80s and awesome.

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    The best part of the checkerboards, they change colors.
    Black, blue, teal, purple depending on the light and angle of view.
    Can't take credit for putting them on, the graphics were there when I bought the car. I like them a lot. easy to find in a parking
    My wife likes it when it changes to purple the best.

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    Sick paint job, as mentioned above.. probably the coolest PJ I've seen on this site!

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    Wish the graphics were paint, they are actually vinyl I said before, was on it when I bought it in '03.
    When I can scrape up the cash to repaint the car, the graphics will be part of the deal...I like them that much. Sure hope I can find the color change decals.
    I've had quite a few people come up and ask what kind of car it was and comment on the graphics. Everyone seems to like them too!

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