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    I am new to the site...I just wanted to say hello to my fellow Japanese auto enthusiasts!

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    Welcome to JNC. What kind of car do you own (or want to own?)

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    Hello Ben, currently I own a 1988 Toyota MR2 as well as a 1991 Mazda RX7 Turbo. I also own a '97 chevy blazer which is my winter ride, but its engine grenaded on me so its sitting. I am actually trying to sell my MR2 for money to either buy a more suitable daily driver or for money to fix the Blazer for the winter, and then just drive the RX everyday(not my first option).

    Actually, I have been looking at 1984-1988 Nissan 200sx S12 hatchbacks recently, as they seem to fill the need for my daily purposes. It has a backseat, and the hatch area. I'm not looking for a particular engine, but I AM looking for a manual transmission, as I prefer to drive a manual over an automatic, especially if the car is a 4cyl.

    I also hope to own a S30 chassis Z car someday. I love the bodylines and have been searching for a '70-'73 240Z example, but here on the East Coast there aren't too many left that aren't already rusted out buckets or they are low mileage cars that owners want $18K for.

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    Glad to have you among us.

    I'm rather new too and everyone is very welcoming, so enjoy.

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    Welcome home. :wink:

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    If that's your '71 240Z...I'm drooling right now. They are next to IMPOSSIBLE to find in good shape where I live.

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