Hi friends!
Last weekend another event took place near where I live, and one more time I was involved on the project,.
The event took place on a village called Castelo de Vide, it’s well know worldwide because of its castle and near castles.
The program was very attractive and began on Saturday!
After an excellent breakfast all composed by traditional food, we went to a megalithic course, we visited some dolmens and some ruins, like old cemeteries and esculped rocks.
We lunch and travel through some unused roads. It was funny to see some people from the ancient villages coming out to the street and take some photos.
Then we return to Castelo de Vide where we dinner. Next a private party on a bar, only for the participants.
On the second day, and early on the morning we took the breakfast and visited the Marvão castle. This one entered one time on the 7 wonders of the world.
The big visit was a city called Ammaia, it is from the roman period and was totally destroyed after an inundation. It is thought that almost 5000 people lived there. Until now they discovered some neighborhoods, thermal spas, forums and the main street…magnificent, and they showed us a 3d representation of what it was.
To finish the event we lunched on a railroad station, unfortunately is deactivated.
I can sure you it was a nice weekend full of history, and you will assume it by the pictures!
About the cars, a great diversity, Datsun, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Citroën, BMW, Lancia, Renault…
And the best was the weather, a sunshiny weekend, what is unusual in November…
Let’s see the pictures!
Hope you like it!

Kind Regards