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Thread: motorcycle carburetors on civic 1200 ???

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    motorcycle carburetors on civic 1200 ???


    I am thinking on adapting a set of motorcycle carburetors on a 1200cc Honda civic 1978.

    in stead of using a set of RS carburetors, I was thinking of customizing 4 CBR600 carburetors...

    somebody has experience with this?.??
    or off course other types that are useable???

    Kind regards

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    Re: motorcycle carburetors on civic 1200 ???

    Referring RS carbs I suppose you mean the twincarbs fitted to the RS Civic : these were Kei-hin I think and fairly similar to motorcycle carbs.

    I had a Coupe7 which I just bolted on a set of 4 from a coupe9 and changed the camshaft to the 9 profile. The carbs all looked the same type and similar to the ones on the RS Civic and the S-600 / S-800, being CV type they are self balancing at higher throttle settings so if you are using similar carbs putting 4 on a Civic should be quite easy. Its worth changing the Cam to the RS profile and getting a 4:2:1 exhaust system like the RS had too. I did the RS conversion to my 1330cc 1980 Civic by bolting on the twincarbs and manifolds from a 1200 RS engine and it worked great. Wish I'd swapped back the carbs when I sold it because of the Civics sold here the hottest was the S version and that basically meant it came with a Sunroof (the engine was no different).


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