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Thread: Try a MOS Burger today!

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    Try a MOS Burger today!

    Okay, this whole Giga pudding blog entry got me thinking about some favorite Japanese things... and one of those is a topic that has been mentioned here before...
    MOS Burger! :tu:
    When it comes to burgers I'm an In-N-Out guy, but when I'm in Japan I gotta have my Teriyaki MOS Burger!

    MOS BURGER website

    Here's some commercials...


    Donut Burger

    Tobikiri Burger

    Sausage Burger

    Hell, I just love Japanese Commercials! :lol:

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    Ok, the donut burger was not what I expected. Thankfully.

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    omg, they used to have a mos burger back in here in hawaii. waikiki to be specific. i never understood why the japanese would come all the way across the ocean to eat at something they can have back at home.

    anyway, they pretty much only had the regular burgers and salads and stuff. but the burgers was AWESOME!!! we used to go every week to hang out, eat and check out chicks. haha. plus the main strip of waikiki is a great place to sit and watch the cars drive by.

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    MOSBURGER wallpaper! :P

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    Damn, she'd be cute if she altered her wardrobe a bit.

    I don't think I'd find a DONUT BURGER to be so sugoi. :lol:

    Thanks for sharing the vijjas!

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