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Thread: Oldmaz Garage

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    Oldmaz Garage

    Heres a couple of before and after pics of my RX2 GR sedan I restored. It is a JDM spec model I imported from Japan before restoring. This is a top of the line base RX2 only available in Japan for less then a year, there are several differnces from the export models mainly the taillights and grille
    And my as new series 2 R100.



    On a Sunday drive

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    beautiful cars.

    is this the r100 thats infront of the rx2 in one of the pics?

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    Beautiful! It's good to see some RX cars down under that are still kept in original condition and don't have wild paint jobs. :tu: :tu:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrx
    beautiful cars.

    is this the r100 thats infront of the rx2 in one of the pics?
    It sure is, it was sold earlier this year another Familia I imported.

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    Man I never get sick of looking at those two Mazda's of yours' Damn I love to see grace my Museum one day!!


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    I have placed my RX2 GR sedan on EBAY for anyone interested. Reserve is very reasonable for the quality of this car, would cost double reserve to build if parts were available. ... =p3907.m29

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    Its been a while since i updated this thread so i though i would put some pics of my RX2 coupe thats been comleted for some time.

    The car is basically new with a NOS 12a twin dizzy crate motor that has been rebuilt even though it was new. Car undertook a full strip down to the shell resto.

    After restoring numerous RX mazdas i have come to the conclusion that Capella coupes are the hardest to source parts for which has made this a very expensive and long exercise.

    Unfortunately i have allready sold this car for those who keep sending me PM with offers to buy.

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    :tu: Love Herschel Orange coupes.....very nice . Pity you may have to sell it :cry:

    Can I ask, what month/year is it......some things with 2 coupes can be confusing depending when they were made, I'm still lost on a few things that must have been around a changeover month.

    Also, did they ever come with the RX3 style centre caps?

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    oldmaz your rx2 Coupe is exactly as they should be, it is drop dead gorgeous.

    Nothing suits an old Mazda like the factory range of 70's colours. All the brightwork compliments the nice bodywork and breaks up the colour just right 8) Makes me wonder why people try to visually improve an already perfect package... but hey Im bias !

    You must like building them to give them away with the number of cars you sell, I'd hate to think what the restoration costs would be and whether you recoup all costs and time.

    What more can I say 10/10 perfect in every regard, this car is the complete package which is rarely found in Mazda's these days... love it :tu:

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    That metallica green/blue on the RX2 Sedan is insane for a factory colour, love it.

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