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Thread: N600 newbie

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    N600 newbie

    Just got a 72 sedan......... Needs TLC but is a running driving car, sorta kinda. It has been off the road for 7 years but is complete just partially disassembled. The quest begins for all the rubber parts.. It has 72,000 miles showing but was only driven about 24,000 of those ( it lived behind a RV for the rest). I need to do some work on the brakes (they are not doing much right now) clean the gas tank, and all the other basic maintenance stuff..
    I can't wait to start driving it. I will post pics first chance I get.

    any insight for N600 ownership?


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    Do a search on this forum for Tim Mings (aka Merciless Mings) contact info. He will be your new best friend.

    Welcome to JNC. How bout some pics?

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